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January 12, 2017 The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) has fulfilled its 2016 federal nomination allocation.

The OINP will continue to process applications already received.  Any additional nominations will go towards Ontario’s 2017 allocation.

Please note that the temporary pause on the intake of applications for the following streams is still in effect: Human Capital Priorities (Express Entry), Employer Pre-screen, International Student (Masters Graduate) and International Student (PhD Graduate).

The OINP will continue to introduce online application systems in 2017 to make it easier for clients to apply and improve processing times.

Please monitor this OINP update webpage for news, announcements and new developments in the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program.

Well come to Ontario

You’ve come to the right place. Ontario is the place to be, and this is one of the best places to get the information you need to settle — and succeed — here.

Ontario is one of the most diverse places in the world. Our people speak more than 130 languages and they hail from about 200 different countries. Every day, over 300 people choose Ontario as their new home — more than any other province in Canada.

One of the best things about Ontario is that you can be who you are, and still be part of the same large community. In fact, our people are our greatest asset, and one of their greatest assets is their diversity. That’s why we want to continue to attract the best and brightest from around the world, because our diversity strengthens our economy, our prosperity and our province.

In every walk of life, new Canadians are making tremendous contributions to our economy, and our society. And when newcomers to our province succeed, Ontario succeeds.

So, our government will work with you and your family to help you settle here, and succeed here. We will see that your children have the best start in excellent schools. We will see that your family has access to high-quality health care services. And we will work with the Government of Canada to provide a range of settlement and language programs to help you settle quickly and find work.

On this website, you can find out about places to live, work, go to school and study, learn a trade or practise your trade or profession and see how to start a new business in Ontario.

You can also find out more about life in Ontario — about our people and culture, our cities and towns, the weather in Ontario, and our history.

And you can download the important forms you’ll need before you immigrate, and once you arrive here.

Ontario — the place to be for people from all over the world.

The most multicultural province in Canada, where half of all new immigrants make their home. Ontario is a land of opportunity. It is a prosperous, democratic society built by the hard work of generations of immigrants.

On the map, Ontario is in the middle of Canada. It is also the hub of the Canadian economy. It is a magnet for manufacturing, finance, tourism and other industries. It’s also a leader in science and the arts. Our population of 12 million includes people from 200 countries who speak as many as 130 languages. Our cities are vibrant and our scenery spectacular.

Ontario has a strong, diversified economy, with many kinds of work and many different industries. Most immigrants come to Ontario because of the opportunities offered here. Our people are our greatest asset, and we welcome the talent and energy that newcomers bring to our province. In return, we offer opportunities and a quality of life that are second to none. From Ontario immigration web site


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